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Feeling overwhelmed in a world of never ending choice and possibility? It’s TOAD time!

Take a hop around the UK’s most comprehensive list of activities and turn daydreams into dream days out. Land the perfect experience doing what you love or what you’ve always wanted to do, anywhere in the UK.

We only work with activity providers, no middle men here, giving you experiences at the best possible price.

Activity Ideas


Supercar Driving - Get in the driving seat of a performance supercar

Get the thrill of speed! Whether you are in a supercar, on a powerboat or up in the air...few things compare to the sensation of a fast ride!


Jet Skiing - Feel the rush

Feel the wind in your face, the sweat on your brow and the smile on your face with our action activities!

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Quad Trekking - Explore on a quad bike

Experience an adventure Frodo Baggins would be proud of and enjoy the best of the outdoors the UK has to offer!

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Paragliding - Glide hundreds of feet above the ground

Experience the freedom of flight as you soar like a bird with air activities throughout the UK.

Explore the skies in a microlight, feel...

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Big Cat Encounter - Experience the most feared predators on the planet

Get up close with the birds and the bees...the zebras and the rhinos....the tigers and the meerkats!

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Archery - Are you the next Robin Hood?

Find an unforgettable birthday activity to enjoy with family and friends. Something for a party, or a one-off experience. 

The choice...

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Combat and Military

Airsoft - As close as you can get to real military combat!

Battle your mates at paintball, airsoft, laser combat and many more great activites to test your accuracy and bring out your combatitive side!

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Toboganning - A great way to spice up the weekend

Ensure that your next day out or short break is one to remember!

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Disability Friendly

Kayaking - Enjoy some exercise and fresh air

There are more and more activities which cater for participants which a range of disabilities. Make the most of every day and try something new...

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Dragster Experince - Ride in an 800bhp dragster, able to do over 150mph!

Race or cruise in a wide range of engine-powered craft on land, in the air or on the water!

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Kite Buggies - Ride single-seater buggies powered by a kite

If you're a sensation-seeker then this category is for you. Get the buzz of something a bit extreme including ice climbing, cave diving or even...

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Adventure Playgrounds - Enjoy some fantastically imaginative locations

Are you looking a great idea for a fun family day out? Look no further!

Whether you want a laid-back day out, or something more action-...

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Fun Days Out

Adventure Tubing - A fun day out for the family in either white or calm water

Get some fun in your life! There's no better feeling than laughing, and it's good for you as well, so do it more often with a range of activities...

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Inflatable Tyre Ride - Enjoy a fun ride behind a speedboat on an inflatable ring

Whether you're a school group, a scout or guide group, or a group of friends who share a passion, there is so much out there for you to try!...

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Hen Party

Spa Days - Relax and unwind at one of many spas throughout the UK

If you want some inspiration for a loved-one's hen do? Look no further.

Find a range of group activities offering a mix of fun or...

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Bouldering - Attempt many more climbs in a shorter period of time than roped climbing

Get to grips with some unforgettable land-based activities. Walk, run, scramble, climb, ride or drive your way around the best the UK has to offer...

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Go Karts - Start your journey to Formula 1 in very safe karts

Embrace your competitive side with a selection of activities designed to bring out the Carl Foggarty, Lewis Hamilton or Sir Steve Redgrave in you...

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Sea Kayaking - Explore explore caves, arches and remote beaches on stable sea kayaks

We know that people relax and unwind in different ways, so we've selected a variety of activities we hope will give you some valuable 'me time'!...

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Steam Train Trips - Enjoy a leisurely and nostalgic ride aboard a steam train

The UK is a beautiful part of the World, regardless of whether you're observing from on land, on the water or up in the air.

They say "for...

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Windsurfing - Combining sailing and surfing into a fun alternative

Sometimes we all just need a bit of time to ourselves!

Whether your friends and family are too busy, aren't interested in the same things...

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Supercar Driving - Get in the driving seat of a performance supercar

Get the thrill of speed! Whether you are in a supercar, on a powerboat or up in the air...few things compare to the sensation of a fast ride!

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Archery - Are you the next Robin Hood?

Get the game on! Try a wide range of sports while you still have the knees for fun, friendship and a great way to challenge yourself and stay in...

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Stag Party

Paintball - The most well-known of stag events...for good reason!

Arranging a stag party for a friend or family member is the most important part of your role as best man! So, don't mess it up!


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Team Building

Dragon Boat Racing - A great test of group fitness and co-ordination

Team building activities can be a powerful way to unite a group, develop strengths, and address weaknesses. Plan activities to suit your needs and...

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Helicopter Lesson - Take the controls under the supervision of an instructor

Take your skills to the next level with some hard work and dedication!

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Tank Driving - We're serious...well worth doing!

A select few activities are truly unforgettable, giving you the chance to make memories which last a lifetime. Scare yourself silly or fulfil your...

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Wakeboarding - Ride the wake at speeds of 18 to 24 miles per hour

Don your swimming costume, flippers, snorkel, board or boat for an action packed adventure in or on the water!

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Kite Buggies - Ride single-seater buggies powered by a kite

Riding the wind can be great fun, with the best experiences coming from its unpredictabie nature.

With good instruction you can make the...

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Winter Sport

Snowboarding - Try freeriding, racing or freestyling on a fibreglass board

Get your skis, board or skates on for some fun on the snow or ice!

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